The founders of Narutka set out to innovate resilient, restorative and sustainable community services through the understanding of Adverse Childhood Events, Adverse Adult Experiences, Trauma-Informed and Resilience. We believe in building Resilient practices and implementing Restorative and Social justice techniques in communities world-wide.

After attending a Summit in Virginia on ACEs and Resilience in Communities in Petersburg, Virginia in June of 2017, we had found our final piece. The founders chose to expand educational offerings to include Richmond, Virginia and additional global communities identified in need of Trauma-Informed, Resilient and Social Justice services.

Initially we incorporated Trauma-Informed practices into Health and Wellness curriculum, after reviewing the recent study on Urban ACEs and how environments and communities are impacted by ACEs, we knew we needed to expand beyond the individual, to the family, and into the community with education and services to support the individual and the whole.

The vision of expanding to connect with communities around the world is becoming a reality as we continue to find like-minded professionals and educators desiring to improve the lives of communities around the globe.  Thus Narutka was established in Virginia on June 12, 2017.