About Us

Narutka is a woman-owned and operated organization with multiple specialized markets. Our overarching services include education and natural health care with several course study options including: workshops, seminars, learning events, and Continuing Education.  We also offer custom opportunities to tailor programs to address specific client needs and learning outcomes. 

Narutka has aligned with like-minded professionals and organization to become strategic partners, such as Integration Solutions, Inc., to enhance our educational programs through residencies, internships, and specialized seminar offerings to support our educational offerings.  


To demonstrate respect for individuals and their local communities across the globe, while expressing our core values in all the interactions performed with local, indigenous and non-indigenous communities during and after a social, economic or adverse event.

Re-connect communities by providing much needed resources, modalities and therapies to those in need through education, health, wellness and restorative care. Deliver an alternative approach to learning through knowledge, education and experiential opportunities which restore BALANCE to individuals and their communities.

Establish health and wellness education and options in challenged communities to provide much needed primary and rehabilitative care to those who do not have access to modern and affordable health care. Through innovative solutions, introduce self-care skills and resources to tribal and indigenous communities currently residing in areas without access to proper health care, as well as to additional communities in need after a social, economic or catastrophic event.


  • Honor and respect the traditions and culture of tribal, indigenous and non-indigenous communities around the globe.
  • Provide services to communities with the highest integrity
  • Align with individuals and businesses that embody our goals and mission to support challenged communities around the globe.
  • Empower communities to reclaim their vitality and interdependence
  • Demonstrate kindness and compassion to others through respect for Divinity within everyone.
  • Provide students and professionals opportunities to build skills, knowledge and relationships that cultivate their life purpose by participating in residencies and internships that connect communities around the globe.
  • Build a knowledge resource from student and professional experiences obtained by participating in volunteer programs designed to build Resilience skills, tools and relationships.